Best dog harnesses and how do I choose

If you’re shopping for a dog harness and want to know which options to consider, check our best dog harness buying guide. A dog harness gives you more control over your pet than a traditional collar by reducing strain on the neck especially on puppies. In our expert guide in, we review the 10 best dog harnesses’ in the market from brands like Ruffwear, Julius K9, Perfect Fit, The Company of Animals amongst other.


Which harness is best for my dog?

There are plenty of reasons to use a dog harness instead of a traditional collar. Finding the right harness for your dog will depend on various factors. That includes whether your dog pulls on the lead, its size and shape, what its fur is like and its own personal likes and dislikes. If your dog doesn’t have thick fur, for instance, a well-padded harness will help keep it comfortable. If it loves burrowing in the undergrowth, then a harness with a mesh design is likely to get caught up in thorns and twigs.

When it comes to taking your dog on an outdoor adventure, you’ll want a harness that’s comfortable and safe. The size, shape and personality of your dog will determine which style of harness suits best.

Types of Dog harness:

  1. Back clip dog harnesses
  2. Front clip dog harnesses
  3. Dog harnesses to stop pulling
  4. Dog harnesses for puppies

What to consider from our buying guide:

These points have been listed in the order of their importance and while you go to the pet shop to choose your dog harness or puppy harness you please ask yourself if the product meets the brief below:

  • Safety. Can you adjust the fit for your dog (small, medium, large)?
  • Durability. Will it hold up to extensive use since most people take their dog out for walkies daily even if it’s a short walk?
  • Comfort. Does it avoid putting pressure on their neck as you don’t want asphyxiation or choking your dog or puppy? And as result, it should be designed to keep your dog feeling comfy while in use.
  • Cost. A harness is an investment, cheap is expensive is a term we have heard often so don’t go for the easy bargain but shop around for good option at a reasonable price.
  • Style look for something pleasing to the eye!