The Best Dog Ramps/Steps and Pet Loaders


Dog ramps and steps and pet loaders are primarily suited for getting into and out of big hatchbacks, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and big pickup trucks/vans. In a different article we will highlight, options to help your dog jump onto your bed if you allow them on beds or for off load adventures on boats.

The best dog ramps for cars have steps which most options in the market fold down for easy transport as well, making for a crazy amount of convenience. The Pet Loaders in the market especially from big manufacturers come with some key feature like non-slip platform, rubberized surface which will keep your dog from sliding when they ascend or descend the ramp and bottom has rubber grips for stability.

My favourite is the folding dog ramp  because I have a small car. A folding dog ramp is an ideal choice when you are living in a smaller space or plan to take your dog traveling with you.
Ramps can also be great screening and training aids. For example, in the UK a standard test for potential guide dogs is to ask the dog candidate to walk over a dog ramp without resisting or when doing dog agility sport.

We can classify ramps for the following areas:
– Telescopic dog ramps for cars
– Dog ramps for beds
– Dog ramps for stairs

Another key consideration would be the size of your dog. When you get a puppy you know based on the breed how big the pup will grow in a few years. For example a great dane will increase in size within months can be larger than a grown german sherpard. For this reason we can say large pups have special needs in many areas of life, and typically that also includes choosing a dog ramp that can accommodate wide hips, big paws and a long gait.

There are times when you might discover your dog’s needs are not perfectly served by any commercial dog ramp. In this case, if you decide to do a DIY dog ramp that really meets your needs, please share a video on youtube, it might help other dog owners who want a bespoke ramp.